Golang is awesome

I switched to Golang from PHP. Learning Golang. Building project with Golang.

Golang is awesome
Go my friend

I have used PHP, Symfony, and many Javascript frameworks(Vue, React, Nuxt, Next, etc.) for a long time. Don't get me wrong, PHP and Symfony are great(I still use them in many projects);

With Go, I found it so refreshing. I love to learn new things.

I built many projects with Go, from CLI to web services and crawlers. Why Go?

  1. Firstly, I learned Golang in 2016 but never used it in a project. It was immature and not so prevalent then, so I dropped it.
  2. Last year, I saw that the market was getting bigger with Golang and that the language would be much better in 2023/24, so I decided to give it a go.
  3. Learning new Go is pretty straightforward, especially for someone who knows many languages.
  4. You don't need complicated frameworks to build things. Go Standard Library is excellent.
  5. Deploying applications is much easier than PHP
  6. Statically typed
  7. Compiled high-level programmed language

I learned it quickly and then jumped right into a building project. My main advice is to build something if you want to learn something. It can be anything: side project, SaaS, API, or parser. You will learn so much.

In my blog, I will write more about Golang.